CIPO was built for Owners

Thank you for your interest in CIPO Cloud. Use this form to request a formal Demo of our product or call us at 401- I AM CIPO (401-426-2476). Why CIPO?
  • No other CIP management software has the customizable capabilities that CIPO provides.  The days of forcing Owners to utilize a stringent operating system that can’t be built for their specific needs or size of CIP are over.  Don’t get stuck having to work in an environment that isn’t tailored for you.
  • If you’re able to customize the entire CIPO platform to your needs, do we even need to explain how much easier it would be to use?  If you can open and respond to an email, you can use CIPO.  So the required hours of training your staff and Partners are minimized.
  • We continue to repeat our tagline because it cannot be overemphasized.  We’ve built CIPO for Owners.  Why be forced to use a product that isn’t meant for your CIP?  Use a modern platform that has been built with input by our Owners.  No one does “lessons learned” like CIPO does!

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