CIPO digital signatures

An important aspect of CIPO Cloud is that you can trust that we will always try to push the envelope with ideas that make life easier for the user, or the Owner in most of our instances.  We spend time to evaluate the Owner’s needs, identify the gaps in the workflow, and deploy CIPO to create efficiencies and improve your CIP performance.

We recently had a very large water agency Owner come to us after they spent years with an outdated, unsupported and frankly expensive CIP Management Software.  We sat down and reviewed the Owner’s workflow and it was apparent to all that this agency had not taken the time to invest in digitalizing. Every part of their historical and existing workflow revolved around human interaction and chasing a paper trail. This significantly delayed the agency’s ability to get change orders and other documents routed for authorization in a timely manner.  CIPO’s solution? Electronic documents and digital signatures!

According to Ombud Research, enterprises that utilize eSignatures maximize overall firm value by streamlining business workflows, reducing costs, and securing end-to-end processes.  Firms can save an average of $20 per document and reduces turnaround times by up to 80 percent. Gone are the days of printing, mailing, or scanning physical copies of documents and hand-delivering for authorization.  Digital signatures are among one of the most important components of the CIPO Cloud platform. We offer two different types of signatures (binding and non-binding) that can be added into any workflow.  Again, being fully customizable and adaptable to any firm or agency’s workflow processes is what makes CIPO the choice to manage your CIP.

Firms can save an average of $20 per document and reduces turnaround times by up to 80 percent.”

Ombud Research

When we deployed the eSignature system for the aforementioned water agency, the Owner wasn’t sure about the validity of the now signed documents and if their Executive Management Team would permit the usage.  But because CIPO has worked with one of the top eSignature firms in the business, the Agency was assured that we were handling the security and the legal validity of their documents with the utmost integrity.  We showed, with the help of our provider, that the new eSignatures process now created an encrypted file that travels with the electronic document which only needs to be signed and returned after the transaction or workflow has been completed.  The file contains and logs information about where the electronic file traveled, which user modified the document, the precise timing of its use and other information that all protects the validity of the signature and the routing of the document. The best part is that the signer never has to leave the CIPO environment to perform the signature process, cutting out several manual steps. 

The user of CIPO and its electronic signatures created massive efficiencies for the water agency and was immediately adopted by the Executive Team.  This is just one of the ways CIPO Cloud was able to help improve on an Agency’s legacy processes. How can we help you?