Document Management

Document Management and Controls

Although simple to the end-user, one of CIPO's most constant innovation is its advanced, module-based document management and controls. This feature allows your Agency to automate and innovate to achieve Operational Excellence on an ongoing basis. Change as you go, don't be stuck with a process that doesn't work.

Based on our very flexible and configurable workflow engine (business process automation), this module allows authorized project members to submit, review, collaborate, track, and relate RFIs. After that, a complete audit trail is generated and searchable, which ensures a proper record of all decisions, discussions, and changes.

Have you ever missed a submittal status update? CIPO allows you to search, select, sort, and compile submittals based on pre-configured priorities. Submittals will be accurately reported to management and your partners, while the design engineers and contractors can prioritize, ensuring consistency and adherence to document turnaround time and project schedule.

Create, manage, and track your change orders with just a few clicks. In this module, you can either have your Contractor start from scratch or give him the ability to select, sort, and compile from multiple potential change orders, saving time, and ensuring accuracy.

Paying your contractors efficiently and correctly is essential. Controlling the progress payment workflow is critical. Progress Payments module allows you to ensure that the right information is accessible to the right individuals, and approved in a timely fashion.

  • Ensure that the agreed-upon Schedule of Values is approved
  • Ensure the right people are part of the approval process in CIPO
  • Review, Approve or Reject Contractor generated Pay Request
  • Notify both Contractor and internal finance dept when approved
  • Track progress payment history in real-time, from any device!

CIPO Cloud enables our customers to start the journey towards an efficient and paperless environment by giving them the ability to sign documents digitally. eSignatures improves document turnaround time, without paper waste or time chasing the right signors. All of our modules allow you to configure workflows and to specify required digital signatures at any point in the workflow.