Data Analytics

Making sense of your data.

Analyzing and learning from your data is critical in helping you achieve Operational Excellence (OE). The CIPO platform for construction owners can provide business intelligence and real-time metrics that can help optimize existing processes. A single source of truth for your decision-making, any time, anywhere.‚Äč

Data is valuable. Having the correct information at the right time is essential to better decision-making when managing programs. CIPO contains real-time data to help keep your projects and programs on track and historical data to control the future better.  Harvest the power of data.

Out-of-the-Box Analytics.

CIPO offers numerous capabilities to understand the project and program data stored within its platform. Additionally, third party access, such as Microsoft's Power BI, is available for further personalization and advanced reporting.

CIPO was built by owners for owners.

CIPO was built from the ground up with owners in mind. It is an easy-to-use, highly configurable, easily adaptable construction management software for any size agency.