As the CIPO Cloud platform expands throughout the States, one of the main issues we’re running into with our clients is multiple data sources feeding information into multiple reporting platforms. This causes confusion about what is the real source and what information should be trusted.

Resistance to change can be organizational or personnel-driven. Still, it all revolves around the belief that something of value could be lost or that there’s a real fear of adapting to new ways: fear and uncertainty can fuel resistance.

Seeing adversity as a window of opportunity We at CIPO Cloud see adversity as a window of opportunity. And in these changing times, you need to innovate and change how you communicate, analyze, report, and control information. The COVID-19 issue is pushing all companies to adapt to telecommuting and different ways of collaboration amongst your […]

CIPO and Remote Work (WFH) In light of the recent COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, all of us here at CIPO want to let you know that our thoughts and prayers lay heavily with our community. Like all of you, we closely monitor the global pandemic and follow the instructions provided by all Federal, State, and Local […]

Looking out for … the Owner The CIPO Team keeps rolling out new and impressive ideas for ways to make our Capital Management software the best in the business. This month, we’ve continued to meet with our Owners, some of the biggest Agencies in Southern California, to see what else we can do to make […]

Daily Inspection Reports All of us here at CIPO Cloud welcomes you to an exciting New Year! We trust that your holidays were excellent, and we’re all recharged to push for new exciting developments in 2020. CIPO has been working diligently with many of our Owners through the holidays to see what new additions we […]

eSignatures An essential aspect of CIPO Cloud is that you can trust that we will always try to push the envelope with ideas that make life easier for the user, or the owner in most instances. We spend time to evaluate the owner’s needs, identify the gaps in the workflow, and deploy CIPO to create […]

As CIPO Cloud begins to grow and our user base continues to expand, we always get asked, “what differentiates CIPO Cloud from the competition?”  Pinpointing exactly what makes CIPO Cloud the best choice on the market for Owner CIP Management is tough.