Business Process Automation

CIPO’s integrated document workflow engine highly adaptable to your business processes.

Configurable Workflows

CIPO can adapt to your work processes

Automating your internal business processes is central to enable more effective and efficient collaboration amongst your Team. From how your documents get initiated, to who or when an approval or revision happens, you are in complete control when defining your business processes.

Any module within CIPO can be automated! Some sample documents procedures include:

  • RFIs
  • Submittals
  • Daily Logs
  • Survey/Inspection Requests
  • Potential Change Orders (PCOs)
  • Change Orders (COs)
  • Progress Payments

Best of all? CIPO gives you real-time awareness of schedules, scopes, and assigned responsibilities (“ball-in-court”).

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CIPO has contributed to the success of IEUA’s capital improvement program for the last ten years, and is continuing to do so. Amazingly straight forward system.

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CIPO is a secure, cutting edge platform developed to make your life easier. Our system is based on experience, and we understand what CMs really need from a capital improvement program.

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