This latest blog is being shared before an upcoming joint presentation with the Construction Management Association of America’s (CMAA) Southern California Chapter on March 1st. Owners will be discussing their experiences going digital, in this case, using the CIPO Cloud construction program management software.

CIPO has made the 20 Most Promising Construction Tech Solution Providers of 2021 list – and yes, we’re proud of what our team accomplished! Click to read full article Get to know us. Is your organization having challenges managing or standardizing construction project management? Can it get better? Is complex (or old) software impeding progress? […]

As the CIPO Cloud platform expands, one of the main issues we’re running into with our clients is multiple data sources feeding information into multiple reporting platforms. This causes confusion about what is the real source and what information should be trusted.

Resistance to change can be organizational or personnel-driven. Still, it all revolves around the belief that something of value could be lost or that there’s a real fear of adapting to new ways: fear and uncertainty can fuel resistance.

Did you know that the CIPO platform is updated and enhanced every three weeks (Release Cycle)? Yes, that’s fast for ongoing innovation! But once in a while, we pause and highlight new features that make our clients’ life easier. Here are just three additions that we’re proud to share with our community of users and potential customers.

Sustainable Water Through the Millennium CIPO Cloud is proud to partner with the AWWA CA-NV Section, and we will be exhibiting at the upcoming Spring Conference at Disneyland Hotel. Stop by and say hello. We will be at Booth 506April 11-14th, 2022 Get to know CIPO Is your organization having challenges managing or standardizing construction […]

CIPO Construction Management Software Built for Owners .. The CIPO Cloud Team is pleased to partner with CMAA SoCal Chapter for this Educational Webinar.  Gain insights into how a construction project management software, such as CIPO Cloud, can help your agency increase efficiency, visibility, and data analytics. Hear from our distinguished speakers discuss lessons learned […]