CIPO Cloud named in CIOReview – 2021

CIPO has made the 20 Most Promising Construction Tech Solution Providers of 2021 list - and yes, we're proud!

CIPO Cloud named in CIOReview – 2021
Benefits of Centralizing Your Data
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Benefits to Centralizing Your Construction Data

As the CIPO Cloud platform expands throughout the States, one of the main issues we’re running into with our clients is multiple data sources feeding information into multiple reporting platforms. This causes confusion about what is the real source and what information should be trusted.

Agencies indeed operate very differently from each other. Some have taken a bold step into technology. They've embraced new forms of tech to improve their work processes and have gained efficiencies in the process. The Pandemic forced Agencies, small and large, to adopt the work-from-home approach for safety. Some quickly realized that their branch divisions or departments gained productivity and improved overall management of their projects and programs through these technologies. However, others still struggle with Excel spreadsheets and multiple data silos that cause misinterpretation of information in their reporting systems.

Of course, CIPO is here to help with all of these issues, but let us first tackle why it's essential to have a centralized data management system, like CIPO. There are many advantages to centralizing your data, but we will hit five deciding benefits for you to consider.

Data Consistency: A centralized management system provides a steady distribution of truthful data throughout your stakeholders. Systems like CIPO are workflow-driven and can distribute information as needed to the appropriate people, based on particular actions throughout a document's life.

Operational Efficiencies: By collecting and managing your data from one location, the remaining resources that were once tasked with managing all the different data silos can now be switched to other activities. CIPO eliminates multiple outputs and data processing which typically reduces the potential for errors in data management.  

Security of your Information:  Centralizing your systems dramatically reduces the exposure footprint of your information. Having a secure, centralized system is of tantamount importance. CIPO Cloud Software is SOC 2 Type 2 certified. SOC stands for "system and organization controls." The controls are a series of standards designed to measure how well a given service organization conducts and regulates its information. Having a platform that manages your data and adheres to these standards is a critical step in ensuring your data is secure.

Reduced Costs: Reducing the number of systems your agency uses allows you to eliminate monthly or yearly service, training, or maintenance fees, thus cutting overall management and IT costs. We've built CIPO with many options that help our clients simplify their IT footprint. One example is our Virtual DWG module that allows marking up and annotating drawings directly in CIPO, so there is no need for a third-party application.

Data Integrity: This is probably the most significant benefit to centralizing your data systems. When data is replicated, there are multiple versions of information being digested by numerous people. Trying to wrangle this data securely becomes a considerable challenge. CIPO utilizes the latest Microsoft Azure platform to ensure data is protected, up to date, truthful, and accessible by anyone with the proper permissions.

We understand a lot of this can come off as "tech talk." The best way to understand and break these improvements down into layman's terms is to ask us for a demo. We will quickly walk you through how CIPO can make massive improvements to your Capital Program in just a short time.

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Benefits of Centralizing Your Data
CIPO May 2021 Updates
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New Features and Enhancements

We work for our Clients. Features and enhancements to the CIPO platform are directly influenced by construction owners, so all can benefit from a platform built just for them. Here are some exciting new changes released this month. We hope you enjoy.

AutoSave Destination Folders

Destination Folder Autosave

Have you ever struggled to find a list of all your Daily Reports photos, where you can filter and search by name, date, or even location? Well, with CIPO, now you can get organized and consistent across all your projects. Using our Autosave capability, ANY documents you create within ANY CIPO module can now be autosaved within an Agency-specific Project Files hierarchy that you define. Quickly find a PDF copy of the document, along with any attachments consistently across all of your projects and Document Types.

Module Analytics

If you have a specific module that you are interested in tracking particular criteria and quickly identifying metrics, this feature is for you. Let's take as an example the Change Orders module. As a PM or Agency, you are interested in identifying areas to improve on your next project. So you Classify each Change Order with your typical classifications, such as E&O, Change in Scope, Requested by GC, Requested by Owner. Now you have a percentage breakdown of each for all your Projects in real-time, among other stats.

CO Analytics by Classification
Real-Time Statistics
Virtual DWGs Relations

Virtual DWGs Updates

Our Virtual DWGs module allows you to markup and relate an area within the drawing to other CIPO documents (i.e., RFIs, Submittals, etc.) without using another 3rd party toolset, henceforth keeping your data centralized. With this latest update, CIPO will now contain a list of standard colors for text and lines, the ability to open related documents from within the Virtual DWGs module, and keeping track of who did what and when on the respective drawing. Additional usability changes are on the way.

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CIPO May 2021 Updates
Why CIPO, Why Now?
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Why CIPO, and Why Now?

Resistance to change is something we all encounter throughout our careers, whether we work in the private or public sector. The hesitation surrounding the word "change" is a significant factor in why projects and programs don't deliver the results they set out to achieve. Resistance to change can be organizational or personnel-driven. Still, it all revolves around the belief that something of value could be lost or that there's a real fear of adapting to new ways: fear and uncertainty can fuel resistance. Thus, our latest blog entitled why CIPO and why now….?

Even in these busy and unprecedented times, all of us here at CIPO continue to talk with Owners, clients, and prospective change managers about how they manage their Capital Improvement Program. We are astonished at how many Agencies work with spreadsheets and employ the historical processes of yesteryear. When you've developed a product that streamlines processes and improves accountability, functionality and delivers efficiency throughout all levels of management within the CIP, it's hard to fathom that these Agencies are so resistant to change.

At CIPO, we allow your firm to become more agile in managing your programs. We correlate documents so that the trail from an RFI to a PCO to a CO is clear and concise. We've built-in dashboards and filters to allow for management staff to gauge their groups' efficiencies. How efficient turn arounds on RFIs. Are the metrics telling you the agency is working with or against the Contractor to complete these contracts? How well are PCOs being negotiated, and how long are they taking? The baseline schedule shows that we should be performing Activities X-Y-Z this week, but we aren't. Is our staff overloaded with projects right now? How about 12-months from today? Metrics, at your fingertips like never before.

CIPO drives the change at both the organization and employee levels through our centralization of information. We have eliminated the need for multiple systems and have increased transparency like never before. Some of our customers are eliminating some costly legacy systems such as plan/spec management systems.

Some of our larger clients have operating programs that average well over $100 million per year, with nearly $500 million in a standard 5-year program. With the success that customers are having, while using CIPO on programs of all sizes, it's evident that the claims we make about our software's ability to help optimize performance are not unfounded. 

Give us a call or stop and say hello at the coming industry function we attend. Let's chat about how you currently manage your Capital Improvement Program. Let us discuss how CIPO works and show you specific data on how we've improved some of the largest public agencies in the State of California.

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    Why CIPO, Why Now?
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    Join CIPO Cloud Software and other industry peers for this years' ACWA Spring conference. Yes, it's virtual, and that's OK! Happening May 12-13. Click to register. We hope to see you there, and please come by and say "Hi."

    2021 ACWA Virtual Event (Spring)
    Q1 2021 Features
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    New Quarter, New Features in CIPO

    Did you know that the CIPO platform is updated and enhanced every three weeks (Release Cycle)?  Yes, that's fast for ongoing innovation! But once in a while, we pause and highlight new features that make our clients' life easier. Here are just three additions that we're proud to share with our community of users and potential customers.


    CIPO Presets
    Preset Documents

    Allows Owners to predetermine and predefine required documents and their allocated numbers (ie., submittals, contract documents, etc.)

    One crucial factor that all our Owners/Agencies have in common is the importance of document consistency. No matter the size of our customers, they all have a specific number of documents (i.e., submittals, contract documents, etc.) required for each project. 

    We've listened to their current software woes that do not allow them to know what remains to be submitted from their Contractors.  Asking, "do we have everything we need from the Contractor so they can mobilize?".  Say hello to Presets.

    Presets in CIPO allow owners to define required documents and their respective numbering system per Project Type or defined globally for all projects. Think of them as Templates. Using presets, we help avoid confusion and ultimately make it easier for the PMs to know what remains, what is required, and their status.

    Preferred Response

    Final Response
    Preferred Response(s)

    This feature allows certain roles to choose the best final response (or multiples from Engineer and others) back to the Contractor when finalizing the document.

    Every project is comprised of project team members with unique skill sets and levels of responsibility. CIPO does not want to hamstring your construction management team by only allowing a submittal or RFI to be sent to one team member or selecting multiple team members but only allowing an option to choose one of the responses. 

    We’ve now added the ability to select what responses get printed on the final document (correspondence), even if the answer may come from multiple sources.

    Since the Contractor does not see all the data the owner does, sometimes there are trails of communication that need to be filtered. CIPO allows the owner to choose the “right” response for the Contractor with a simple click. The days of “cutting & pasting” are over at CIPO.

    Multi-Level Relatable Lists

    CIPO List Management and Relations
    Multi-Level Relatable Lists

    With this feature, the Owner helps contractors reduce errors when working with predefined assemblies that require Agency approved manufacturers and models (this is an example use case).

    CIPO inherently is comprised of different modules that can be related and interact with eachother—allowing customers to see a complete picture of a specific document or process.

    Nearly all of our clients utilize an approved materials list added into their Contract documents or available online for their Contractors to use. So it makes sense for CIPO to allow the building of these multi-level, relatable lists of approved materials to streamline the Submittal process (as an example). 

    The Contractors are provided a predefined drop-down menu for products they intend to use for the project, thus cutting down on Submittal errors, and review time by the Engineer or Owner. This simplification of data management allows the Contractor to expedite procurement of materials and avoid potential schedule delays.

    If your current construction management software is "too big" to innovate or isn't responsive to your needs, it might be time for an alternative.  CIPO is simple, cost-effective, and very innovative.

    Let us show you why many small and large Agencies are turning to the CIPO platform.
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      Q1 2021 Features
      IEUA chooses the CIPO Cloud platform
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      Inland Empire Utilities Agency Awards Multi-Year Contract to CIPO Cloud Software

      CIPO Cloud® has been awarded a multi-year contract with Inland Empire Utilities Agency Engineering/Construction Management Department (IEUA/Agency) to help digitalize their and optimize their construction management processes for capital improvement projects.

      The Agency recently broke ground on its Regional Water Recycling Plant No. 5 (RP-5) Expansion Project to increase the region’s recycled water supply. The $450 million project is one of the first to use the CIPO Cloud 3.0 platform, with over 100 different project members simultaneously collaborating though the program that’s spanning almost five years. “With CIPO, IEUA can effectively manage the large-scale RP-5 Expansion Project with real-time metrics, reporting, digital signatures and the electronic design drawings,” said Tim Henigman, CIPO Cloud’s Chief Technology Officer. “By centralizing all of their construction management data into one platform, IEUA is able to streamline all their construction management.”

      “We are grateful for the opportunity to provide our construction management software to IEUA and honored to be a critical part of the monumental RP-5 Expansion Project,” said Alex Ivascu, CIPO Cloud Founder. “With CIPO, the Agency can centralize all of its construction data into one dynamic and user-friendly program, increasing efficiency and accuracy.”

      The Inland Empire Utilities Agency covers 242-square miles, distributes imported water, provides industrial/municipal wastewater collection and treatment services and other related utility services to more than 875,000 people through its member agencies which include Chino, Chino Hills, Cucamonga Valley Water District, Fontana, Fontana Water Company, Montclair, Monte Vista Water District, Ontario and Upland.

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        IEUA chooses the CIPO Cloud platform
        EMWD is adopting CIPO Cloud software
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        Eastern Municipal Water District is adopting the CIPO Cloud platform​

        Corona, CA - November 20, 2020 - CIPO Cloud® is proud to announce that Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) has adopted CIPO Cloud as their new construction management software platform.

        Faced with outdated software, performance issues and regular outages from their current project management software, EMWD switched to CIPO Cloud, the industry’s leading software in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) management industry, to increase efficiency and reliability.

        “With the CIPO Cloud software, EMWD is able to maximize our efforts toward digitalizing operations through a reliable, user-friendly platform that provides flexibility and opportunity for future technology improvements,” said Scott Lopian, EMWD Senior Construction Administrator.

        “We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with EMWD to help them reach their project management goals,” said Alex Ivascu, CIPO Cloud Founder. “With CIPO Cloud, EMWD employees can access all of their documents and data on one platform, streamlining operations and improving efficiencies. In addition, managers can monitor metrics and track the performance of the projects in real-time.”

        EMWD is the water, wastewater service and recycled water provider to more than 839,000 people living and working within a 555-square mile service area in western Riverside County, California. CIPO Cloud Software (Capital Improvement Office in the Cloud), a privately-owned company located in Corona, California, was founded with a vision for creating a modern, easy-to-use, and extremely flexible construction management software. CIPO Cloud is a highly configurable software platform that allows owners to optimize CIP management based on real-time and historical facts.

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          EMWD is adopting CIPO Cloud software
          Announcing CIPO v3.1
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          Announcing CIPO v3.1

          Ongoing innovation based on our Owner customers' needs.

          This month marks another exciting milestone for all of us here at CIPO Cloud. Many of you may have recently received our emails regarding our latest CIPO Version 3.1, but if you haven't, you may be missing out on the industry's most complete and most customizable CIP/CM software platform.

          Over the past couple of months, our Development Team has worked tirelessly to continue CIPOs push towards the top of the market. We've spent numerous hours working with our current and future Owner clients to find out what matters, what's working, what we can do better, and needs we haven't fulfilled. All the while, creating a bold new CIPO 3.1 behind the curtain.

          With this release, we have increased performance, made enhancements to the end-user experience, and added even more Agency personalization capabilities. 

          We are incredibly excited to announce the highlight of CIPO v3.1, which is the Virtual DWGs module.  By enabling this add-on, you are going to further advance your team's collaboration, in real-time, from any device, without the need of yet another software application or subscription. Store unlimited number of sheets, and make them accessible across the project members. Therefore, centralizing your data repository across the Agency, its management, and lowering costs.

          Some capabilities of this add-on include:  


          •  Easy for the project team to add, duplicate, rotate, reorder, delta, and import pages into your plan set. So now replacing sheets due to delta revisions are more accessible than ever. 
          • The navigation is intuitive and allows for scrolling, pagination, pan, zoom, and supports optional page layouts. 
          • The viewing of drawings/sheets/PDFs or any other image file with CIPO is fast and smooth, even with larger documents.
          • We've added the ability to instantly comment and build a collaborative workflow where multiple users can discuss specific sections within a document and receive real-time responses. 
          • Text highlighting, freehand drawing, text annotation, image annotations, and printing are all built-in features.

          At CIPO, it's clear that we've listened to our Owners who continue to request a single-platform approach. Our mission is to reduce or eliminate the number of data silos your data resides, reducing costs and complexities around your CIP/CM needs. Centralize, Analyze and Improve your Operational Effectiveness.  

          We're excited to be part of your digital journey.  Let's do more with less!

          Announcing CIPO v3.1