CIPO is Hassle Free

As a simple and intuitive SaaS application, you can access your project data anywhere, anytime, and with ease. This leads to quick adoption and productivity gains throughout your company.

Self Maintained

CIPO takes the guess work out of maintenance (without downtime). It requires no additional hardware, software, maintenance or support fees. Everything is always included and we provide you the platform to customize as it fits your needs.

It is Secure, Reliable, and Integrates nicely

CIPO Cloud was built from the ground up on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. It is secured, reliable and it integrates nicely with other IT or business systems.

Get Going Fast

Standard CIPO implementations can be fully operational in days, instead of months or even years like some applications.

CIPO features and updates are made on an ongoing basis. So instead of expensive customization and yearly maintenance fees, you will have more time for business innovation.


CIPO has contributed to the success of IEUA’s capital improvement program for the last ten years, and is continuing to do so. Amazingly straight forward system.

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CIPO is a secure, cutting edge Cloud-based platform created for owners, by owners. Our system is extremely flexible and adaptable. By working with owners, we'd like to say that we understand what CMs really need from a Capital Improvement Program management system. Learn more.

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