Advanced Access Controls

CIPO has been built with state-of-the-art user and role management, to allow our customers to personalize fine-grained access (permissions) for any project. Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, CIPO provides advanced security features!​

One login to connect them all.

Users can have different roles on different projects. No need to remember multiple logins. In CIPO, you simply switch between projects.

Fine-grained access.

Users associated with specific Roles, will by default inherit those Role level permissions. But what if you want special permissions or certain user? CIPO can do that. Make exceptions, and run your projects just the way you want.

Built on a solid backbone.

CIPO was built on top of the Microsoft Azure™ Cloud, therefore, by default inheriting some of the most stringent data and infrastructure security. Redundant backups, and global availability, CIPO can grow with your needs.