About Us

Company Overview

Although CIPO has been used for many years at different Agencies, it was officially relaunched as its own entity in 2016. Our focus remains on providing our customers with innovative, reliable, and configurable software at a reasonable price point. We are intentional on creating value.

What does CIPO Cloud mean?

CIPO stands for Capital Improvement Program Office in the Cloud.

It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Based on advanced cloud technologies, we wanted to reduce your internal staff burden, by provisioning, managing, and continuously updating the CIPO environment at no additional cost to you. Henceforth ensuring an always-on environment without hassle.

We do integrate well with other on-premise or Cloud IT and/or Business systems.

CIPO is a platform built from the ground up with the Owners in mind.

About US

Why CIPO Cloud?

Unlike your typical construction project management software, we have worked closely with the Owners and those that represent them. We listened, we learned, and then we built the most configurable, integratable, and easy to use CIP management system on the market.

CIPO is an end-to-end platform that allows Owners and CM professionals alike to define the environment to meet their business rules, track, manage, and control documents, and visualize their programs and projects in one place. No matter the size of your organization, CIPO will make a lasting, positive impact on the way you manage your construction projects.

What’s Next?

Let’s connect you with a Product Specialist that can show you why we believe the CIPO Cloud is the BEST software system built for Owners.

Management Team

Alex Ivascu

Alex Ivascu


Alex is the founder of CIPO Cloud, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations, sales, and ensuring ongoing customer success.

Tim Henigman

Tim Henigman

Chief Technology Officer

Tim is responsible for the overall CIPO's technical architecture, and managing our awesome development team!


CIPO has contributed to the success of IEUA’s capital improvement program for the last ten years, and is continuing to do so. Amazingly straight forward system.

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CIPO Cloud is a owner focused capital improvement program and project management platform. It’s out of the box solutions, customization capability, and integration with other business systems is unrivaled. Request your personalized demo and learn more about what makes CIPO so special.

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