About Us

What is CIPO's history?

The CIPO Cloud platform has been around for many years, the first version written in 2009 as part of IT Vizion. In 2016 we became an LLC, and in 2020 changed to a Corporation. Since our inception, CIPO Cloud remains committed to providing innovative, reliable, and highly configurable software at a reasonable price point. We are intentional in creating value for construction owners in Water, Wastewater, Utilities, and Municipalities.

“CIPO has contributed to the success of IEUA’s capital improvement program for the last ten years and is continuing to do so. Amazingly straightforward system.”
John Scherck
CIPO Principles

We built our construction project management software from the ground up for construction Owners to ultimately make it: E A S I E R.

  • Easy to Use
  • Adaptable and Actionable
  • Secure and Scalable
  • Innovative and Interoperable Integration
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Reliable and Responsive

What does CIPO stand for?

CIPO stands for Capital Improvement Program Office in the Cloud. A very fitting name.

Why should I choose CIPO?

Because of our “owner first” approach to building CIPO, we continue to listen and learn. Then, we extend the platform with the features and functionality our stakeholders need. CIPO is an end-to-end platform that allows owners and CM professionals alike to define the environment which will meet their business practices, track, manage, and control all documents, and ultimately visualize their programs and projects in one place. No matter the size of your organization, CIPO will make a lasting, positive impact on the way you manage your construction programs and projects.

How do I get more information?

You can read almost everything about CIPO here on our website or other places; however, nothing beats a good ‘ol interactive demo. We promise we are not your typical salespeople. We’d love to learn about your current situation and see if CIPO may be a good fit. Let’s get to know each other, with no strings attached. Request a demo here Request Demo »

What's does the initial implementation cost?

It is always dependent on your Agency’s complexity and size. But a typical implementation without any data migration or any custom integration will cost you around $5k.

How much does CIPO cost?

CIPO is affordable. We charge a simple per-named and user type cost. CIPO further reduces your other subscription or administrative costs when embedded within your Enterprise, therefore eliminating or replacing redundant systems giving you a holistic approach to construction management end-to-end. Learn more », with no strings att

Is CIPO Cloud a Private Company?

Yes. CIPO is a self-funded corporation that aims to deliver lasting quality and innovative software to our construction owner clients.

Management & Advisors

CIPO Cloud Software is an innovative company focused on digitizing the Construction Program and Project Management processes, from Design to Closeout. Below is an overview of our Management Team and Industry Advisors.

Alex Ivascu

Alex Ivascu, Founder

Alex has a passion for technology and its ability to provide insight into business operations. Having worked for three previous successful startups, Alex decided to start his own. In 2009 he founded IT Vizion, a provider of Operational Intelligence and Managed Services for the Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, and Manufacturing. In 2016 he launched CIPO Cloud Software with a focus on supporting construction owners, specifically those in Water, Wastewater, Utilities and Municipalities. CIPO is an easy-to-use software platform that's entirely adaptable. It ultimately helps our clients increase the efficiency of their construction projects and programs while digitizing the whole process.

Tim Henigman

Tim Henigman, Chief Technology Officer

Tim brings 30+ years experience in architecting, consulting, and deploying global scale Digital systems. Throughout his tenure in the Software Industry, Tim has held numerous titles, including Director of Technology, Product Manager, and Systems Architect across the Construction, Oil&Gas, Manufacturing, and Retail verticals. Tim partnered with Alex in 2016 to oversee the development and guide the technical roadmap of the CIPO Cloud platform.

Abdul Rashidi Advisor

Abdul Rashidi, Advisor

Mr. Rashidi’s over 40 years of experience spans a wide range of services. His technical experience includes planning, design, construction management and commissioning of major infrastructure projects, such as tunnels, marine structures, conveyance systems, complex water/wastewater treatment facilities and energy recovery projects. He has led landmark and award-winning projects, such as the Orange County Ground Water Recharge System, The City of LA Energy Recovery System, and the Sydney Storage Tunnel Project. Mr. Rashidi, as a Vice President with MWH Global, also held several major management positions including: Director of Design-Build Group, Manager of Design Center and Manager of Construction Management Department. He is also the recipient of many recognitions and awards for both technical and humanitarian causes.