About CIPO Cloud

Although CIPO has been around for years, it was launched as its own Company in 2016 with a renewed focus on creating a modern, easy-to-use, extremeley flexible CIP management software to meet the needs of Owners. CIPO is a highly configurable software platform that allows Owners to optimize CIP management based on real-time and historical facts.

CIPO Principles

Designed to simplify CIP construction management for owners. We made CIPO EASIER:

  • Easy to Use
  • Adaptable and Actionable
  • Secure and Scalable
  • Innovative and Interoperable Integration
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Reliable and Responsive

“CIPO has contributed to the success of IEUA’s capital improvement program for the last ten years, and is continuing to do so. Amazingly straight forward system.” John Scherck, CCM

Top questions about CIPO

What does CIPO stand for?

CIPO stands for Capital Improvement Program Office in the Cloud.

Why should I choose CIPO?

One good reason is because of our Owner focused approach to building our platform. We listen, we learn, and then we continue advancing the most configurable, flexible, and easy to use CIP construction management software on the market. CIPO is an end-to-end platform that allows Owners and CM professionals alike to define the environment to meet their business rules, track, manage, and control documents, and visualize their programs and projects in one place. No matter the size of your organization, CIPO will make a lasting, positive impact on the way you manage your construction projects.

How do I get more information?

We’d love to share a Live demo with you and your colleagues, as you see fit. Simply fill out the Request Demo »

How much does CIPO really cost?

CIPO is affordable. It is a per-named user cost, and we call it the OnePlan. CIPO further reduces your other subscription or administrative costs when embedded within your Enterprise, therefore eliminating or replacing redundant systems. Learn more »

What's does the initial implementation cost?

It is always dependent on your Agency complexity and size. But a typical small implementation, without any data migration or any custom integration, costs less than $5k.

Is CIPO Cloud a Private Company?

Yes. CIPO is a self-funded Corporation, with the goal of delivering ongoing quality and innovative software built specifically for Owners and those that represent them.